About Story Master Toolkit NIMS (SMTK NIMS)ΒΆ

SMTK NIMS - what is it?

SMTK NIMS is an LARP handout editor. This is NIMS main feature and it must do it well. Also it solves more LARP specific tasks.

SMTK NIMS is an interactive web page. You need only modern browser to work with SMTK NIMS. We check it in Firefox, Chrome. SMTK NIMS doesn’t require internet connection. It can work in offline mode.

NIMS seems very big and complex

NIMS has many new features from the initial release and it solves much more tasks now. It is not necessary to use absolutely all features from the first day. You need to understand basic handout creation cycle to make your first game: story-event-adaptation-export. After this step you can proceed with more complex features. You can see full list of features and topics on page Microthemes. The minimal features list for game creation is a section Minimal kit.

SMTK NIMS work sequence

  1. Open SMTK NIMS in browser
  2. Load your LARP game database for editing
  3. Make changes
  4. Save LARP game database to your computer

SMTK NIMS can’t save LARP game database to file automatically. You need to do it manually. NIMS always show “Do you save your database?” reminder on browser tab closing.

SMTK NIMS saves changes automatically in web page. For example when you make any text changes on overview page then all changes will be saved in page (but not in file).

LARP game database file is just a usual text file of fixed format. If you are interested you can open it in any text editor but be careful. If you brake something then NIMS will not load database next time.

Technical details

SMTK NIMS implemented in JavaScript with jQuery (datetime calendar), Vis.js (timeline and social networks), Chart.js (donut chart), Docxtemplater (docx export), Mustache (text export), Bootstrap 3 (design elements), Jasmine (tests), Ramda (javascript functional programming lib), Select2 (search selectors), Ajv (JSON schema validator). Database is stored in JSON.

SMTK NIMS license is Apache 2.0. Newest NIMS versions can be found here: https://bitbucket.org/NtsDK/story-master-toolkit-smtk-nims/downloads. All other NIMS sources - presentation, documentation, demo version and other - are available on authors site http://trechkalov.com/.

Special symbols

italics - terminology. monospaced font - names of buttons and page elements.


Thanks to Anna Volja Mahneva and Alexander Sash Mahnev for first SMTK NIMS testing and feed back. Thanks to all our users for responses and feedback.


Mail: ntsdk(dog)yandex(dot)ru

My site: http://trechkalov.com

Vkontakte group (Ru): http://vk.com/larp_nims

Facebook group (En): https://www.facebook.com/groups/197496223985507