Quick startΒΆ

  1. Download SMTK NIMS here https://bitbucket.org/NtsDK/story-master-toolkit-smtk-nims/downloads or here http://trechkalov.com/ and unpack.
  2. Start SMTK NIMS - file nims.html. There is an example database with NIMS based on Lord of The Rings. You can see all NIMS features on this base. When you finish to play with embedded base you need to make empty base (see Header) and start working on your game.
  3. First page is an Overview. You need to give name for your game, enter pregame events start date, game start date and game description. Name and description are not very important but dates are. This dates are required for timeline and event editing. So if you don’t want to use datetime support at all just give any dates.
  4. Create characters on tab Characters. You need to enter character name and press button Create.
  5. Create story on tab Stories. You need to enter story name and press button Create. After that you can fill master story but you can skip this step and go to next one.
  6. Open subtab Stories. Events for events filling. Make events in story. Add some event details. At least you need to make event name and text.
  7. After making events you need to add characters to story. Use subtab Stories. Characters. Select necessary character in list and press Add. On the same tab you can add inventory and activity marks.
  8. Associate events with characters on Stories. Presence tab by setting checkboxes.
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 for all other stories.
  10. At this step we think that all information is entered so we can start on adaptations with tab Adaptations. Select story on the left then character (you can select several characters with ctrl). There will be table in the center. Left column is an original event text. Right column is a character adaptations. So you can start) Filling adaptations is not necessary. If you left adaptations blank then character will see event text as is.
  11. Let’s start handout export. First of all open Handouts. Preview tab. Select any character from list to see which data will be printed in handout. You can group events by story or sort events by chronology.
  12. When you think handouts are ready for export go to Handouts. Export tab. You can export handouts in default template. Press button Make handouts, events sorted by time (docx) or Make handouts, events grouped by story (docx).