Preparing handouts

Preparing handouts is a main SMTK NIMS task. Process is organized in next way. Each character participates in some events. Character has event subjective vision so we describe it in event adaptation. If we don’t do that then character will see event information as is. Detailed description of process is available in online presentation on my site. Also there is a presentation copy in NIMS archive folder extras/presentation/nims-intro.html.

Character handout consists of parts:

  1. Character name
  2. Profile
  3. Inventory
  4. Group texts
  5. Relations to other characters
  6. Events


Character activity is not printed in handout because it is a game master tool.


Enumerated data is standard output but you can freely select only necessary fields in in handout template. So you can remove any standard part.



Character name + inventory is not a handout but an inventory list which game masters need to prepare.

Secondary tasks

  1. Inventory lists. You can extract inventory list only by special template. So game masters may prepare all stuff by this list.
  2. NPCs work. You can make one or more NPC players and make the description of events and their actions in these events. As a result you will recieve a game technician handout what to do in game.
  3. Self briefing work. We move self briefing to SMTK NIMS as usual story, split it by events and add connections with other characters.
  4. Workload analysis. Social network and report tools are used for workload and connectivity analysis.
  5. Roles list export. Using existing profile information you can made roles list with minimal character description, image, role status (free, reserved, etc.) and export it in preferred text based format (wiki, web page, etc.).
  6. Story map. This is an interactive schema for adding active groups, resources and relations between them.


Story map is filled manually.