Story Master Toolkit NIMS

Timofey Rechkalov (NtsDK)
Maria Sidekhmenova (Matilda)

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Version 1.2 (10 December 2016)


During making LARP game story master defines character goals, values and motivations. If story master gives instructions like "you are stupid, you hate king, you want to merry princess" then players will ask many questions or just ignore instructions. Thats why it is better when player receive not instructions but stories where his character participated. These stories gives information about pregame events, character behavior, estimations, thoughts etc. Also each story looks different for each story character because no one has full information and has subjective story vision. Writing handouts this way is time-consuming but it gives good result.

To solve this task we created Story Master Toolkit NIMS. In this presentation we will tell you how we describe LARP story making process with NIMS.


Step 1. Master story

First of all you need to invent a story. Thats all. You don't need to divide it in parts, create motivations, add extra details. Just invent story how it happens. This story is a master story.


Ring keeper

Gandalf comes back from a long journey to Frodo and tell him about the One Ring and about black riders. Sam overhear Gandalf's story. Gandalf catches Sam and sends Sam and Frodo to Bree. On the way they meet Merry and Pippin and take them along.

Step 2. Master story processing

Lets begin work with master story.

Step 3. Adaptations

On the previous step we make origin events description. At that step we describe event subjective vision for each event participant.

Step 4. Making handouts

On making handouts we gather all adaptations for each character, make final proofreading and make export.


Story: Ring keeper

SMTK NIMS workflow

Story Ring keeper ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Events Adaptations Handouts Starting journey ... ... ... Merry and Pippin ... ... ... Starting journey: Frodo ... Starting journey: Sam ... Starting journey: Gandalf ... Merry and Pippin: Frodo ... Merry and Pippin: Sam ... Merry and Pippin: Merry ... Merry and Pippin: Pippin ... Frodo Ring keeper 1. Starting journey ... 2. Merry and Pippin ... Gandalf Ring keeper 1. Starting journey ...




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