Hello! On this page you can try player-character Gale–Shapley matcher algorithm. If you need details see Stable marriage problem. Thanks to Matthew Webb for algorithm advice.

How to use:

  1. Enter comma separated list of players and characters (no repeats, lists of equal length). Enter profile item names. Click Create profiles.
  2. Fill profiles. Common principle - make check for player for what he wants. Make check for character for what this character has. For example, if Michael wants action - check Action. If Boromir participates in action - check Action. If you are lazy click button Set random checks. When you finish with profiles click Calc priorities.
  3. Priority tables are based on lesser-is-better. If player profile is equal to character profile than this is ideal match and priority index is zero. Each mismatch adds 10 to priority index. In the worst case player profile will be opposite to character profile. Gale–Shapley algo is based on this information. Before algo run you can manually edit any priority. When ready click Match.
  4. There are two tables in the bottom of page. Left table is based on players first step. Right table is based on characters first step. Color is satisfaction degree. "Green player" means that this player receives one of the best character from priority list. "Red character" means that this character receives one of the worst player from priority list.

Legal information

Thanks to Matthew Webb for algorithm advice.
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