Hello everybody! Some time ago I meet the Mixing Desk of Larp concept. This is a widespread concept so I decided to try it. I found two implementations in internet and both of them wasn't very handy. I make a feature list for me: fill Mixing Desk online, download data and upload it back, share desk with friend. Also I have an idea of Mixing Desk for other task so I made a generic implementation.

Creating Mixing Desk from scratch:

  1. Enter desk name
  2. Enter desk description
  3. Add some useful links from internet
  4. Make mixer sliders
  5. Set slider values
  6. Save link to bookmarks or copy and send it to friend or download base to your hard disk

Click on panel header to hide/show panel content.

Legal information

Authors of concept "The Mixing Desk of LARP": Martin E. Andresen and Martin Nielsen.
Author of icons from flaticon: Freepik, Picol.
My github page
Copyright © 2017 Timofey Rechkalov. All rights reserved.