Larpwriter Toolkit NIMS

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NIMS is an editor for larpwriting. You create characters, write stories, prepare adaptations (character visions) and compile all this information to handout files. Also there are some extra tools: timeline, character filter, character groups, character relations, story investigation board and social networks drawing. NIMS is an interactive web page into two versions: single user offline version (ready for downloading) and multiuser online version (created by request). You need only web browser for using NIMS. NIMS is tested in Firefox and Chrome. Internet Explorer is not supported.

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Guide by NIMS resources

Welcome and support

Basic concepts and possibilities are described in presentation. You can try NIMS online by link. This is not a server version. It equals offline version. All possibilities and features are described in documentation. It is available online and in NIMS downloadable archive. I made screencasts about NIMS updates and tutorials on my YouTube channel.


Main Russian speaking community is vkontakte group. There are no NIMS groups for English speaking community. But we have chat in telegram. Also you can email me directly ntsdk(dog)yandex(dot)ru.

Source code

NIMS source code is available in repo under Apache 2.0 license. In this repo stored support and internationalization information: presentation, documentation, base example and NIMS translations.


Web character sheet for World of Darkness 20th Anniversary Edition

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Web page 'Character sheet WoD v20 by NtsDK' is an electronic character sheet for tabletop role-playing games in the World of Darkness universe 20th Anniversary Edition.

Current version implements single page character sheets for Vampire: the Masquerade and Changeling: the Dreaming.

Measurelook experiment storing format

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Measurelook is a JSON format for storing calculation experiment results. It was created to store experiment meta information and results in one file. It can be automatically visualized with Measurelook viewer. For details see repository.

LARP software

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Sometimes I made small programs for LARP. I will enumerate them here.

Program for matching characters and players and vice versa. Enter players and characters lists, enter profile item list, fill profiles. Program automatically match players and characters.

The Mixing Desk of LARP - famous Nordic LARP tool. It is used for make general view of game design and organizers decision perspective. The Mixing Desk is fully configurable. You can add/remove sliders and save your work state. Checked in Firefox and Chrome.

Docxtemplater and Mustache sandbox

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On this page you can:
1. edit Mustache template
2. see Mustache rendering result
3. convert Mustache template to Docxtemplater template
4. render docx by Docxtemplater template

LARP application City Runner

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City Runner project was made for city LARP game Arkham. On the other side. (RUS) and consist of server and gates editor. Game master creates gates schema. Gates consist of several trials for player. Gates schema loaded on the server and activated. After this player can enter the gates by the web link. Masters print gates link on QR code, players search QR-codes and solve trials. Master interface is built for desktops. Players interface is for smartphones.

LARP information system Cyber-City

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Cyber-City project was made for pavilion LARP game Battletech 3: Arena's cost. (RU) There was a big developers team (RUS). Cyber-City is a game portal with information layer. It includes: banking, virtual possessions (stocks, companies, etc.), mech battles support, instant messages player-player and player-master, ratings and other. All made from scratch by Java+Tomcat+MySQL.

Visualisation of Data Mining algorithms: K-Means vs. Fuzzy C-Means

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Some time ago I need comprison of K-Means and Fuzzy C-Means clustering algos. I made visualisation for this task. There are some hardcoded values now - 4 clusters with 50 points. Cluster size is fixed. Centroids initialization takes 4 random points from existing points. Then clustering starts. Each cluster has own color. Fuzzy C-Means colors points in color mix. K-means color points by nearest centroid. Also convex hull is drawn for each cluster. Earlier there were centroid tracks but after fabric.js update this reature is broken by unknown reason.

Games from Game Jams

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I took part in three Global Game Jams. In 2014 we made Unstable Willy - platform game for two players. In 2015 Ink Must Flow - platform game with experimental physics. In 2016 - Twitch Plays OiT9ja - crowd voting game for Twitch chat.

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